Apteranthes burchardii subsp. maura

Endemic to Morocco

Synonyms: Caralluma burchardii var. maura Maire, Caralluma burchardii subsp. maura (Maire) Meve & F. Albers

Apteranthes burchardii s.s. is endemic to the eastern Canary Islands, having been described from the island of Fuerteventura (Bensusan, 2009). A. burchardii subsp. maura differs from the nominate subspecies in that its flowers are smaller and on pedicels, as well as having duller and more slender stems and smaller rudimentary leaves (Audissou 2005).

Apteranthe burchardii susbp. maura is not only appreciated by the goats and sheep, but equally by the Berber tribes, who eat the young shoots. It is a more difficult plant to find in habitat. You have to look in spiny bushes or in tufts of Euphorbia echinus.