How to Contribute

Submit your photographs

You can send me your shots if you wish. However, while photographs may themselves be aesthetically pleasing, I will only publish those that focus on botanical aspects. The best idea is to show by means of everal shots, all the morphological characters that make it possible to identify the plant.

The goal of this project is to promote the rich botanical heritage of South-Western Morocco but also to remind users that plant identification depends on specific terminology that one should not be afraid of as it can easily be learnt.

Ultimately, we want to share with people the joy that comes from observing plants but also and more importantly the desire to understand them.

Help with translation

You may have noticed that my English is shaky in places. Do not hesitate to correct the already translated texts, or to translate those that are not.

In practice this simply requires obtaining the French file, opening it with any text editor (preferably word) and translating it. Add your name at the end of the translation and you will be given credit on the website. Any contributions will be warmly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance to all kind volunteers!

Please do not hesitate to send me any other remarks or suggestions you would like to share.

Jean-Paul Peltier

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