Special thanks to the people who gracefully sent their photographs: Zahora Attioui, Michel Aymerich, Xavier Bassières, Bernadette Baud, René Baud, Elizabeth Bep van Pelt, Elisabeth Boehm, Cyrille Chatelain, Rémi Chaussod, Alexandre Cluchier, Claude Cominelli, Youssef Dallahi, Sissi De Giuli Jadid, Isolde De Zborowski, Anthony Desgre, Alain Dobignard, Bernard Doche, Sylvia Donon, Rolland Douzet, Pascal Dupuis, Ahmed El Aboudi, Patrick Fabre, Karine Faure, Jean François, Jacques Gandini, Annie Garcin, Philippe Geniez, Fanck Giazzi, Guy-Georges Guittonneau, Rupert Haimerl, Hannaoua Hamza, Zine Hamza, Abdelmonaim Homrani Bakali, Sebastien Ibanez, Mohamed Ibn Tattou, Matteo Jucker, Claude Lemmel, Francine Lesourd, Ralph Mangelsdorff, Noemi Montes-Moreno, Fouad Msanda, Ahmed Ouhammou, José Quiles, Ramón Rodriguez, Sébastien Sant, Benoît Saurel, Jeanne Schueller, Gérard Sommier, Jean-Paul Steiner, Abbes Tanji, Jean-Claude Thiaudière, Russel Wagner and Hassan Yamani.

I owe special debt of gratitude to F. Msanda for its labors to produce many splendid photographs.

We gratefully acknowledge the distinguished specialists working on various plant groups for critically reviewing of some species determinations (their names appear in the legends of photographs).

I am particularly grateful to R. Douzet, botanist at the Joseph Fourier alpine station, and S. Aubert, the Director of Joseph Fourier alpine station, respectively for their contribution to the translation of the original Latin diagnosis published by R. Maire and the Spanish texts. I wish also special thank R. Douzet, his encounter was the occasion to fruitful exchanges and sharing of general ideas on the Moroccan Flora.

Thanks to Jalal El Oualidi, Mohamed Fennane et M. Ibn Tattou for affording me acces to the Institute scientific Herbarium. Thanks for offering valuable advice and suggestions.

I would like to show a particular gratitude to two colleagues and friends – Professor Dr A. El Aboudi, Rabat University and Professor Dr F. Msanda, Agadir University - who travelled with me in the field during these last 20 years, without their help I could not have known south-west Morocco as well as I do.

Jean-Paul Peltier

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