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Why this website?

Jean-Paul Peltier

I was a lecturer from 1969 to 1979 and a researcher at the Scientific Institute of Rabat (Morocco), an institution which aims to further knowledge of the country's biodiversity. As a botanist and biologist, I was led to make an inventory of the plant communities of the Souss basin where the argan tree, a member of the tropical family Sapotacaea, is widely distributed.

This website gives the opportunity of expression my gratitude to all those - too many to be named - who enabled me to achieve my task by facilitating my research in south Western Morocco. I would like them to know that I feel a sincere and long-term commitment to Morocco and that I will never forget that it was there I took my first steps at the University of Rabat.

I would especially like to acknowledge the good research, based on available information, done by my Moroccan Colleagues at the Scientific Institute of Rabat - Mohamed Fennane, Mohamed Ibn Tattou, Aïcha Ouyahya, El Jajal Oualidi. They have just completed the drafting of the Flora of Morocco. Thirty two years of work to provide a work high-quality. I also want to compliment the Moroccan researchers on the quality and significance of their work.

The following publications are worthy of praise:

  • 1998: "Inventory of the rare vascular plants, threatened or endemic of Morocco"
  • 1999: the first volume of "Practical Flora of Morocco"
  • 2005: the first volume of "New inventory of the vascular plants of Morocco"
  • 2007: the second volume of "Practical Flora of Morocco"
  • 2008: the second volume of "Practical Flora of Morocco"
  • 2014: the third volume of "Practical Flora of Morocco"

All these noteworthy contributions were eagerly awaited: my incere thanks to those colleagues who work relentlessly to help us get to know the biodiversity of Morocco.

Jean-Paul Peltier

Why teline.fr?

The name of the site is Teline, firstly because ut evokes an endemic leguminous plant of the Western Anti-Atlas and secondly and above all to pay homage to our late colleague and friend C. Raynaud who proposed the new combination: Teline segonnei (Maire) C. Raynaud (= Adenocarpus segonnei Maire).

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