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[4/22/24] Three new South American xenophytes of the genus Solanum reported in Morocco

Recent floristic surveys conducted in various regions of Morocco have revealed three new records of non-native vascular plants of the genus Solanum, namely, S. abutiloides Bitter & Lillo, S. bonariense L., and S. nitidibaccatum Bitter. The occurrence of these alien species in Morocco is documented here for the first time. For each species, information on its national habitat and distribution are given. Moreover, the distinguishing morphological features of these three species are compared with the most similar species (including Moroccan Solanum species). The voucher specimen are deposited in the National Herbarium of Morocco (RAB), at the Scientific Institute of Rabat.

Réf. : Khamar H, Dallahi Y, & Homrani Bakali A. 2024. New records of three alien Solanum species in Morocco. Check List 20 (2): 544–552.

Posted by Jean-Paul Peltier.