Eremobium aegyptiacum subsp. longisiliquum

Synonyms: Eremobium longisiliquum (Cosson) Boiss., Malcolmia aegyptiaca subsp. longisiliqua (Cosson) Maire, Malcolmia aegyptiaca var. longisiliqua Cosson

In most site, this is an annual. It is rarely perennial. The entire plant is densely covered by appressed stellate hairs. Stigmas conical, prominently 2-lobed, lobes strongly connivent and decurrent. The diaspore of Eremobium aegyptiacumis a small yellow to yellow-brown seed with an epidermal layer of cells which become mucilaginous when wetted with water. The seeds are larger than sand grains, but may weight about as much as large grains. They move together with sand grains by saltation, creeping, or sliding (Danin, 1996).